Changing Toolhead


Changing and mounting toolheads require 3 mm Allen key usage. It is included in the foam insert with accessories.

Toolhead disassembly

  • Enter the ‘Maintenance’ menu,


  • Go to the ‘Change tool’ section,


  • Select 'PARK TOOL', wait for the positioning process to be finished,


  • Disconnect the 'LEFT' extruder cable from the machine frame socket,


  • Disconnect the extruder from the X carriage by disconnecting the ‘A’ plug,


  • Use 3 mm Allen key to loose the screw mounting the toolhead.


  • Lift the front of the toolhead and slide it to the back from the X carriage,


  • The X carriage is ready for mounting another toolhead.


Mounting toolheads

Note: Each toolhead has the same mounting system.

  • Find the bottom hooks placed on the back of the toolhead,


  • While placing the toolhead on the X carriage, first make sure the hooks are in their designated grooves on the back of the mounting base,


  • Next, place the mounting screw in the front groove and holding it from behind push it forward,


  • Tighten the mounting screw while pushing the toolhead forward, 


Note: Tightening the mounting screw without pushing the toolhead to the front might cause the connection between the toolhead and X carriage to be loose. This might cause further errors in calibrations and printing processes.

Note: Each time after changing the toolhead it is better to check if the connection is correct. Lift the back of the toolhead and check if the rear hooks are not moving up and down, if yes loose the front mounting screw and once again push and hold the toolhead forward and tighten the mounting screw.

Note: Each time after changing the Single plastic extruder to Dual PRO extruder and contrariwise it is recommended to repeat the automatic calibration process.

Next steps depend on which toolhead will be used:


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