Voxelizer Settings - Dual PRO Extruder

In the global menu you can set:

  • Filament Left and Right -Filament - choose your filament, e.g.: PLA ZMorph, ABS ZMorph, PET ZMorph. The filament icon opens the preset library. If you choose a pair of filaments that have different printing temperatures, a warning message will appear. 


The software will separate the imported models allowing to set individual parameters for both of them. To assign filaments (left/right) to the models, right mouse click on a chosen model, go to Materials menu, and choose pink or blue color. The colors have their counterparts in main menu toolbar. After defining two different materials, the software will create an artifact that clears the nozzle from the filament.



  • Quality - is a simplified option to select model quality settings, allowing you to select layer height and path width with a single slider. HQ guarantees the highest quality, at the expense of print speed (lasts longer), while FAST guarantees faster printout, at the expense of a larger layer, and thus lower quality. Recommended settings of 50% guarantee the best ratio of quality to print speed. The current path values and layer height are shown under the basic menu. Quality can also be defined separately for different models, editing takes place in the local menu.


  • Adaptive height - option to enable or disable the height of the Adaptive Layer. This function allows the program to adjust the height of the print layer depending on the geometry of the model. The path width and default layer height values change to ranges that can be modified again using the Quality slider.


  • Durability - model durability settings. The function takes into account the number of model walls and the range and type of infill. There are 5 types distinguished, which are described in the part concerning Singles 1.75 above. Durability in the main menu imposes settings for both models. If you want to have different models in both models, use the local menu, right-click on the model you want to edit and change its settings in Local Settings.


  • Infill - selection of model infill value within the range defined by Durability. The setting can be edited using the slider or entered manually. Generating a preview of the infill is performed on an ongoing basis, which allows for a quick assessment of the selected type and size of infill.


  • Support - enable/disable the support structure. There are 6 types of support:











solid PVA - support dedicated for Dual PRO Extruder.

After selecting any of the support, a window appears to define the angle of inclination of the wall under which the support should be generated. This is the minimum angle value for the creation of support structures. Slide left for more support, right for less support.



  • Power raft - an option used to enable/disable power raft, i.e. a platform that increases the adhesion of the printout to the work table.


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