Files maintenance and preparation

Voxelizer handles all the ZMorph toolheads in separate workflows: 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting, and thick paste extrusion. Each workflow is composed of three steps:

  • during the first one the files are imported, scaled, oriented and positioned on the table;
  • the second step is dedicated to configuring the fabrication process by specifying the used materials and other settings;
  • during the Voxelizer third step instructions for the machine (G-code) are generated, previewed and exported.

Taking the 3D printing workflow as an example, after selecting the tool in the welcome wizard, import a model in one of the different formats supported, (e.g. .STL). In the Scene view, it’s possible to set its dimensions and orientation. When finished, click 'Next'.


In the settings view, apply the main presets, based on the type of filament that is going to be used. It’s possible to dig deeper into the different, more advanced settings and apply further transformations to the model via filters and voxel selection. When everything is set up, click Next to generate the G-code.


The G-code view provides a preview of the operations that a machine will perform. It’s also possible to inspect the G-code instructions and look for possible errors by using the Diagnostic tab. Clicking on the Save button results in saving the G-code: on a computer, SD card or directly on ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer.


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