CNC and Laser Workspace settings - Global and Local dimensions

Global dimensions

Global dimensions of Zmorph VX are defined by the limit switches on the end of each axis when pressing the "HOME" butttons.


  • X end stop - on the left side of the X axis 


  • Y end stop - on the left side of the Y axis motor


  • Z end stop - on the right side of the frame next to the Z axis motor


Local dimensions

When using toolheads like CNC, Laser or Thick Paste you need to define local dimensions to inform the machine where the local X0, Y0, Z0 positions are. In most cases it will be left, front, corner of the material surface. Setting local dimensions is very important when using those toolheads to avoid the collision of the toolhead with the material, worktable and the machine frame.

  • During file preparation in Voxelizer software set material dimensions.


  • Set material position to LEFT along the X-axis and FRONT along Y-axis.


  • X0, Y0, Z0 position are located in the left, front, corner of the material surface.


  • Setting the local dimensions on Zmorph VX allows you to place your material on any position on a work table. In this case, it is the center of the work table.


  • Now you need to define where the X0, Y0, Z0 position is. To do that move the laser tube or the CNC cutter above the left front corner of the material


  • The laser tube should be ~1mm above the material surface and the CNC cutter tip should touch the surface of the material.
  • When the Laser tube or the CNC cutter tip is in the correct position set local zero points (local X0, Y0, Z0).


  • Done, local dimensions for the material are set and you can start the work.

You can find step by step instruction on how to prepare CNC, Laser or Thick Paste to work by following the articles in these sections:



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