Safety instructions for Laser PRO toolhead

Instructions for preparing the workplace and how to safely operate the Laser PRO on ZMorph VX.

The LaserPRO supplied with the ZMorph VX machine is a 2.8 Watts class 4 laser with emitted wavelength of 450nm.
These types of lasers are extremely dangerous, they emit visible or invisible radiation and they cause irradiation greater than allowed. Diffuse radiation is dangerous to eyes and skin. Potential hazards are materials evaporated from the surfaces of illuminated objects. Depending on the material used, toxic fumes may affect the user's respiratory tract and eyes.

Preparing the workstation

  • Avoid using any reflective surface in the room in which the laser is used (eg mirrors, equipment with shiny metal-chromed, nickel-plated, aluminized - or glass parts),
  • It is necessary to secure the room in which the ZMorph machine with Laser PRO is located and not working before an unprofessional start-up (the key to the room should only be held by a person authorized to operate the laser),
  • It is necessary to mark the entrance door to the room where the device with the attached Laser PRO is used with an appropriate laser radiation warning sign,
Figure 1. Warning sign - Laser radiation.
  • It is necessary to mark the entrance door to the room where the device with the attached Laser PRO is used with the appropriate sign to wear protective goggles,
Figure 2. Information sign - Eye protection required, wear protective goggles.
  • Place in a visible place next to the laser workplace a label with the words "visible and invisible laser radiation, protect the eyes and skin from direct or diffuse radiation",
  • Provide personnel and bystanders in the room where the laser device works with protective eye shields (glasses, safety goggles) appropriate to the type of laser device,
  • The appropriate safety goggles are those which, in a visible place (e.g. on the outside of the frame) have the required markings (e.g. in the form O.D. = 3 for wavelengths of 660 nm or L = 3 for wavelengths of 820 nm). The value of 7 for the O.D. informs that such glasses weaken the power of radiation falling on them 10000000 times. For example, for a 1 W laser with such eyepieces, 0.1 uW of power will reach the eye and it is a radiation level that is completely safe for the human eye,
  • Provide personnel and bystanders staying in the room where the laser device works with mouth and nose masks equipped with a filter absorbing smoke particles (FFP3),
  • Electrical installation of the ZMorph VX machine requires connecting it to a grounded socket,
  • Provide a room in which a working ZMorph machine with Laser PRO is installed in a valid powder extinguisher, it should be located in an accessible place and marked with appropriate markings,
  • When installing the ZMorph machine with Laser PRO in a room where smoke detectors are installed, make sure that they do not cause false alarms,
  • The room in which the ZMorph machine with the Laser PRO machine is located must be well ventilated, hazardous vapors may escape from the machine.

Safety instructions for handling LaserPRO on ZMorph VX

General information

  • The ZMorph VX machine with Laser PRO mounted should be used in a separate room without the possibility of outsiders getting in,
  • Regardless of the laser class, it is forbidden to look at the laser beam (i.e. to look into the opening of the laser from which the beam is emitted); this also applies to the reflected beam,
  • Using the machine by unqualified personnel may lead to damage to health and / or damage to the machine. ZMorph VX machine and Laser PRO toolhead are not toys and can’t be used by children without adult supervision,
  • If you notice any abnormalities in the operation of the machine, stop the process immediately with the reset button (red button on the right side on the front panel of the machine) and contact the ZMorph Customer Support,
  • Do not use a defective machine under the threat of losing the warranty,
  • When using the ZMorph VX machine with Laser PRO, both the staff and the bystanders (if any around) must always wear safety goggles, failing to comply with this recommendation may result in damage or loss of sight,
  • Never open any covers under which the machine components are hidden with the power supply connected. If it is necessary to repair or inspect components, please contact the official ZMorph Customer Support,
  • Before starting work on the machine with Laser PRO, make sure that the machine's surroundings (work room) is closed and that there is no possibility of unauthorized access without proper eye protection.

Safety at work with Laser

  • Any exposure to laser emission may cause physical burns or damage to your eyesight. It is extremely important to use the device in a safe manner and in accordance with the instructions,
  • The ZMorph VX machine on which the Laser PRO is mounted and working can not be left unattended,
  • A fire extinguisher with valid approval should always be located as close as possible to the machine to which the laser is connected,
  • The use and maintenance of the machine must always be carried out in a manner consistent with the description in the manual,
  • Make sure that the room ventilation works correctly,
  • Install the workpieces and tools in the correct places in a safe manner. Avoid colliding the workpiece with the machine. Otherwise, the machine may be damaged,
  • Check that there are no obstacles in the work area before starting work,
  • During the change of the workpiece, stop all operations,
  • Do not touch working electrical parts with wet hands,
  • Do not place your hands in the working area during processing.

Warning signs


Prevent eye exposure: Class 4 visible-beam lasers are high-powered. A Class 4 laser can cause a significant eye injury if the beam, whether direct or reflected, enters the eye.


Avoid skin exposure: Avoid exposure to skin and sensitive materials. A Class 4 laser can burn skin and materials, especially dark and/or lightweight materials at close range.


Attention! Danger: General warning sign. W001, according to PN-EN
ISO 7010.


Laser beam warning: Warning sign used to warn of danger presented
by laser beams. W004, according to PN-EN ISO 7010.

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