Communication and File Delivery

Delivery of files on SD card

  • Save a file you want to print on the SD card,


  • Insert the card to the SD port on the right side of the display,


  • Choose a folder with files from the external SD card:

Note: If the user inserted the external SD card and the machine was ON, the screen should jump forward to the 'Choose File' menu screen on the 'EXTERNAL’ directory.
Note: If there was no previously chosen file, after pressing on the 'New job' menu the screen will go directly to the 'Choose File' menu.

Connecting the machine via Ethernet

  • Connect Ethernet cable to the ethernet socket on the back of the machine



  • The information about the IP address of the machine can be found in the INFO screen in the MAINTENANCE menu.



  • Provide the IP address in the web browser window.


  • In the web browser, a full interface for controlling the machine and files sharing will appear.


 Connecting the machine via USB.

  • Connect the USB cable to the back of the machine and a computer.


  • Wait until the computer discovers the machine and installs the drivers.
  • If the computer doesn’t discover a USB device, click the reset button on the machine.
  • The machine should be discovered as a Flash memory and you can access it from the "My Computer" folder.
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