CNC PRO Safety instructions

Instructions for preparing the workplace and how to safely operate the CNC PRO on ZMorph VX.

Preparing the workstation

  • Secure the room with the ZMorph VX machine against any improper usage (the key to the room should be held only by a person authorized to operate the machine),
  • Mark the entrance door to a room where a machine with a working CNC PRO toolhead is used with a suitable sign to wear hearing protectors (e.g. headphones, stoppers),
  • Depending on the material being processed, the CNC spindle can produce a noise level up to 70dB. Noise is not a risk of hearing damage, but can cause discomfort and stress due to prolonged exposure to a working device,
Figure 1. Information sign - Hearing protection required.
  • Mark the entrance to the room where a machine with the CNC PRO toolhead is with a proper sign saying that eye protection is required,
Figure 2. Information sign - Eye protection required, wear protective goggles.
  • When working with the device with the spindle attached without covers (e.g. if material is larger than the platform), provide personnel and bystanders in the room with safety goggles,
  • The electrical installation of the ZMorph VX requires it to be connected to a grounded outlet,
  • Place the device on a level and stable surface. The machine is equipped with a vibration-damping base but when working on uneven or sloping surface, vibrations can cause the device to move,
  • The room where the ZMorph VX device with the CNC PRO toolhead is located must be well ventilated as vapours may escape from the device during operation,
  • If you install a ZMorph VX device with the CNC PRO toolhead in a room where smoke detectors are installed, make sure they do not cause false alarms.

Health and safety instructions for handling CNC PRO Milling Toolhead.

General information

  • Use the ZMorph VX device with the CNC PRO toolhead in a separate room which cannot be accessed by children or unauthorized persons,
  • Do not put your hands in the workspace after turning on the spindle. The spindle rotates at high speed and has rotating blades that can cause serious injuries,
  • Use of the machine by unqualified personnel can lead to injury and/or damage to the machine,
  • If you notice any malfunctions of the machine, stop it immediately by pressing the reset button (red ring button on the right on the front panel of the machine) and contact ZMorph Customer Support,
  • Do not use a malfunctioning machine under the risk of voiding the warranty,
  • Make sure that the material to be machined is firmly attached to the work platform and cannot move in any direction. Failure to follow the instructions may result in injury and/or damage to the machine,
  • When using a ZMorph VX machine with the CNC PRO toolhead without covers, both operators and bystanders must always wear safety goggles; failure to do so may result in eye damage.

Safety at work with CNC

  • Do not place your hands in the workspace under any circumstances after starting the spindle. Any exposure of the body to rotating parts of the machine can lead to serious injury. It is therefore essential to use the device safely and in accordance with the instructions,
  • The ZMorph VX machine on which the CNC PRO toolhead is mounted and running cannot be left unattended,
  • The use and maintenance of the machine must always be carried out in the manner described in the operating instructions,
  • Under no circumstances should you open covers that conceal electronic components of the machine when the power supply is connected. If there is a need for repairs or an overhaul of components contact ZMorph Customer Support. For local repairs, the housing may only be removed after the machine has been disconnected from the power supply and the plug has been disconnected from the socket,
  • Make sure the room ventilation is working properly,
  • The workpieces and tools must be mounted in a stable manner at the correct locations. Avoid collision between the workpiece and the machine. Otherwise, the machine may be damaged,
  • Before starting work, check that there are no obstacles in the working area,
  • Stop all operations while the workpiece is being changed,
  • Do not touch working electrical parts with wet hands.

Warning signs


Caution: Danger from moving parts. To avoid injury or damage to parts of the body, do not reach inside the unit or insert any foreign objects while the unit is in operation, during operation or at rest.


Caution: High voltage - this symbol indicates the area where the user may be electrocuted.

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