Octoprint for ZMorph (Linux RC)

The following guide was tested on Ubuntu 18.04, 14.04 and Raspbian Stretch systems with ZMorph VX and SX.

Currently it doesn't work on Windows machines.

1. Download the OctoPrint.zip package attached below and extract files,

2. Go to: OctoPrint/usbrequirements folder,

3. Execute usbrequirements.sh with root privileges (it installs all necessary dependencies for further steps): sudo ./usbrequirements.sh ,

4. Reboot system: sudo reboot now ,

5. Go to OctoPrint main folder,

6. Create a (user owned) virtual environment in the source folder: virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3 venv ,

7. Installing OctoPrint into that virtual environment: ./venv/bin/python setup.py install (it may take up to 15 mins!),

8. Run octoprint with: ./venv/bin/octoprint serve ,

9. Connect via web browser using ip address, port 5000 by default,

10. In Serial Port dropdown list choose machine number (position with a lot of seemingly random characters) and click connect.

Known Issues:

If the Z-Axis is far above 0 homing might cause communication error. If that's the case simply reconnect machine.

If there's no machine number listed in port dropdown list, please restart Your Zmorph VX machine via reset button (keep USB cable plugged both in the machine and computer).

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