Newest Firmware and LCD for ZMorph 2.0 SX

New Firmware and LCD graphics are available for Zmorph 2.0 SX. To update the firmware and LCD graphics for newest version download the update pack from the bottom of this article and follow the instruction included with download pack.

Change Log:

Release 26/06/2019

New version of machine calibration with TouchProbe:
— Calibration Z0 height.
— Calibration heatbed (using 3 screws).
— Fixed errors with calculating screws angles.
— New icons in calibration workflow.
— Calibration is available only with 3d printing toolheads.
Change filament during printing:
— New button to change filament.
— Change filament from g-code (M600 / M600.1).
Automatic preheat after choosing file (heating up heatbed first, extruder next).
Restore 100% of speed after finished job or abort.
New algorithm for Closed Loop System.
Fixed progress bar.
Aborting job now disables heaters.
Aborting job now disables CNC.
Heatbed maximum temperature limit set to 125 C.
Change Clean Bed to Prepare Bed. Heatbed goes to 250mm or 0mm (it depends on current heatbed position).
Heaters will be turned off after 15 min of idleness.
Information about attaching fan when printing with PLA.
New graphic interface:
— New icons.
— New menu Maintenance.
— Deleted Encoders, Machine Servicing, and Others menus.
— Others replaced with Info.
— Changed Move axis.
— New screen Move for CNC, Laser and Thick paste.
— Circular progress bar.
A New file selection menu.
Added changing speed and fan settings before starting the job.
Improved compatibility with Voxelizer 2.
Added information about temperatures in the left upper corner.
Added keyboard for setting temperature.

Previous firmware version is available here: HH Firmware

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